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Credit Card Debt

 One of the biggest growth industries in the US is the purchase of Credit Card debt. These debt buyers use unscrupulous tactics to try and collect debts without regard to whether they have a legal right to the debt, what the true amount of the debt is, or whether it is even your debt. These "Smallweed" characters think that since they purchased a debt from a credit card company they have the right to collect the debt no matter what. They don’t!

    In Alaska, the debt buyer's favored tactic is to file suit and hope you don’t answer. They then get a default judgment and can place a lien against your PFD, or your home, or your bank account. YOU MUST ANSWER otherwise they win automatically. If a debt buyer is hounding you or has filed suit, call us, we can help.


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Underhanded Car Dealers and Lemon Cars

 A new car purchase is a major investment. Unfortunately, there are a great many dealers that are less than honorable. Entire books have been written on the subject of car dealers and their tricks. If you have been the victim of a yo-yo deal- where the dealer takes your old car in trade, makes a deal on a new car and then a few days later calls you back and says that you must come back and renegotiate the sale for a higher interest rate or larger purchase price- you have been scammed.  If you purchase a vehicle that has undisclosed damage, or was a rebuilt wreck, and you were not told, you have been scammed. There are thousands of scams. If you have been victimized, call us.

            Some cars are lemons. In Alaska, a lemon  is a new car, that in the first year of ownership has been in for repair of the same problem 3 or more times, and it is still not fixed. Or if your car has been in for repair for a total of more than 30 days in the first year, it is presumed to be a lemon. If your car is a lemon you may be entitled to refund or replacement. Call us we can discuss you rights under the Lemon Law. 

Insurance Bad Faith

 Most people have insurance to protect them for the harms that may befall them. They depend on their insurance company to honestly and ethically pay legitimate claims. What happens when your insurance company isn’t honest and does not pay a legitimate claim? They put you at risk and they have violated their fiduciary duty to you.

When there is a claim against you, whether it is for a car accident or in business, your Insurance Company is obligated to investigate the claim and to fairly determine whether there is coverage under the policy. If they deny the claim they must clearly explain the reason for the denial. Failure of any of these obligations is a breach of their duty to you. More importantly, it is likely to expose them to an Insurance Bad Faith claim. As strange as it may seem, Insurance Bad Faith claims are, many times, more serious than the initial claim.

At Cook and Associates, we have experience prosecuting Insurance Bad Faith. If your insurance company has not been faithful to you, please call and we can discuss.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

 No one wants to be injured but sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes though, its not really an accident. Sometimes it’s a foreseeable event that could have been prevented. Sometimes it’s a negligent act that should not have occurred. Sometimes it’s a defective product that should not have failed.

The truth is that no one wants to be injured, but what do you do when you are injured? What do you do when the medical bills begin to pile up? How does it affect your family when you can’t work, when you can’t make the car payment, the house payment, the credit card payment, or provide for your family? One of the leading causes of bankruptcy is personal injury- even for people that have health insurance. A personal injury can be devastating- not just to the person that is injured, but for the whole family.

We want to help. Under the law, if your injury was caused by someone else, then they are obligated to put you back into the same position, to make you "whole", as though the injury had not occurred. This means paying all of your medical bills, as well as all of the harms that were a result of your injury- including future treatment.

If you have been injured, Call us. We can help.