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 We believe that your interests are better served by direct personal communication.

E-mail and text messages are good for minor or trivial matters, but in order for us to fully understand your situation we prefer to have a direct personal conversation with you. Under the law, there are things that are of vital importance. By sitting down and discussing your situation we can ask those critical questions, better determine your unique circumstances, and decide how best to proceed. The consultation is free and our discussion is in the strictest confidence. 
    Call us today. You will get prompt courteous service, and unless we are in court, or away from the office, you probably can speak directly to an attorney about your situation.


Things TO DO

Sometimes we fret, and worry, and put off until it is too late. Under the law you only have certain amount of time to pursue your claim. If you put off calling until the Statute of Limits has run, then its too late. Whether you call us, or some other attorney, Don’t put off calling!

If you are injured, see a doctor. Your health is more important than any amount of monetary recovery. A doctor can help you recover, and can document you injuries.

Time is not your friend- Memories fade, evidence is lost, records are destroyed. The sooner you have an attorney on your side the more likely key evidence will be available to prove your claim.

Keep a Journal- memories fade, but a written journal is forever. One of the most powerful tools at trial is the day to day entries in a diary. Start to today and write down everything you can remember about your accident or situation- names, dates, times, feelings, impressions, what was said. Every day write down how your injury or situation is affecting your life- how it feels, what you can’t do, how it impacts your family, what level of pain you are experiencing. In a year or two or three, this written journal is powerful evidence of how you were harmed.

DO NOT TALK TO INSURANCE ADJUSTERS!  The adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as possible. There is nothing you can say that will improve your case. Let your attorney do your talking!

Do Not blab to friends about your situation. An insurance attorney has the right to force anyone to disclose what you said to them. There is no confidentiality except with your attorney.

Be Honest. Sometimes we want to shade the truth in order to make our situation look better, or because we are embarrassed. Don’t do it. Tell your attorney the whole truth. Most of the time there are legal rules that your attorney can use to prevent certain embarrassing or awkward facts from being disclosed. But he can only do so if he knows about them in advance. Tell him everything.